We’re Older, Funnier and Less Likely to Goof

We found this on the 11 reasons you shouldn’t let an intern handle your brand on social media. No offense to young people–they’re teaching us something new every day about what’s possible on social media. Yes, we’re more expensive, but it’s a time on the planet thing. Do the kids have a sense of the big picture? Context? History? Judgment? Do they remember the things your customer base, your audience, is thinking about? You decide.

A Middle Way?

Steve Jobs is being held alternately as an icon of management and a cautionary tale. Ben Austen’s thoughtful article in Wired draws the contrasts. With the need for excellence comes a certain amount of stress. You don’t usually bring your best game unless the pressure is on and sometimes even a skillful manager will create that pressure artificially. Humanely, but artificially. On the other hand, consensus style decision-making has created dishonest environments of polite mediocrity in corporations. It’s an epidemic that’s hurting everyone. There has to be a middle way, somewhere between the two extremes.

When do you do your best? Under pressure where everybody lets everything hang out or in an environment of politeness?

Hi. Glad You Came

It’s an interesting time to start speaking to each other, what with Mike Shatzkin predicting the demise of illustrated books and Publishers Weekly talking about bringing the concept of “Agile” to publishing. “Agile” seems to me to be a lot like “synergy” was in the 90s: if you have to say it, it isn’t happening. There are so many new opportunities, so many creative ways to get your ideas out into the world. We look forward to exploring them with you.